Big Ten Conference and University NIL Partnerships

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University of IllinoisOpendorseAnnounced: 2021, Feb
Duration: Unspecified
Expense: Unspecified
• All sports programs.
• Program name is “INFLUENCE”
University of IowaINFLCR

Announced: 2019, Sept
Extended: 2020, Nov
Duration: Multi-year
Expense: Unspecified
• All sports programs.
• Access for all athletes, staff, coaches and sports alumni.
• Six Iowa Men’s Basketball players increased their social media followers by 20% form the prior season
• One Women’s Basketball player increased her followers by 45%
University of MarylandOpendorse
Announced: 2021, Feb
Duration: Four years
Expense: Unspecified
• All sports programs.
• Program is called “MOMENTUM”
University of MichiganINFLCR
Announced: 2019, Nov
Duration: Unspecified
Expense: Unspecified
• Partnership for football only
Michigan State UniversityINFLCR
Announced: 2019, Jun
Duration: Multi-year
Expense: Unspecified
• Appears to be only for men’s football program.
University of Nebraska-LincolnOpendorse
Announced: 2020, Mar
Duration: One year
Expense: $235,000
• All sports programs (over 650 athletes!).
• Opendorse was founded by Nebraska football alums.
• Considered to be one of, if not the biggest, NIL deal yet.
• Partnership includes 45- to 60-minute consulting sessions with each Husker athlete.
• Each athlete will have their personal brand reviewed and given insights to increase their individual NIL value.
• Provides ongoing student-athlete education with performance benchmarks, content calendars, and social strategy sessions.
Pennsylvania State UniversityINFLCR
Announced: 2019, Feb
Expanded: Unspecified
Expense: Unspecified
• Implementation started with the football coaching staff.
• Appears to have only expanded to the football and men’s basketball programs.
Purdue UniversityINFLCR
Announced: 2018, Oct
Duration: Multi-year
Expense: Unspecified
• All sports programs.
• Access for all student-athletes, coaches, staff, and alumni.
• INFLCR’s first Big10 client
Rutgers University-New BrunswickINFLCRAnnounced: 2019, Sep
Extended and expanded: 2020, July
Duration: Multi-year
Expense: Unspecified
• Initially available to men’s basketball and football. It has expanded to include all sports programs. (Over 650 athletes!)
University of Wisconsin-MadisonINFLCR
Announced: Unspecified
Duration: Unspecified
Expense: Unspecified
• There is little information on this partnership formation, however, University of Wisconsin-Madison is highlighted as one of INFLCR’s success stories.
• One of Wisconsin’s running backs increased his following by 52% in one season.
• One of their outside linebackers increased his followers by 43%.
Indiana UniversityOpendorseAnnounced: 2020, Aug
Duration: Three years
Expense: Unspecified
• All sports programs.
• In addition, Indiana athletics created a 14-member task force that will provide oversight and leadership in developing direction for IU Athletics in supporting their student-athletes in the NIL space.

Unknown Big 10 NIL Partnerships

  • University of Minnesota
  • Nothwestern University
  • Ohio State University: Partnered with Opendorse in 2018 but unclear if that partnership is still effective.

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