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    Basketball athlete gets handed gatorado water bottle while on the bench

    This past week has been a whirlwind of movement in the NCAA Name, Image, and Likeness space. Of the dozens upon dozens of articles I’ve read, these are the ones that I think you should invest some time and energy into. Happy reading!LegislationState NIL Laws with July 1 Date Continue to GrowArticle Date: 5/7Source: College and Pro Sports LawAuthor: Gregg E. Clifton and John G. Long Recap: Georgia has now joined Florida, Alabama, New Mexico and Mississippi by enacting a name, image and likeness law with a July 1, 2021 effective date.Unique State NIL Bill Attributes:Georgia:  Universities in the state can elect a requirement that all student-athletes share up to 75% of the name, image and likeness compensation generated and received by each athlete. New Mexico: Universities may not prohibit or discourage an athlete from wearing footwear of the athlete’s choice during official, mandatory team activities so long as the footwear does not have reflective fabric or lights or pose a health risk to a student-athlete.Alabama: Collegiate athletes are prohibited from wearing any item of clothing, shoes, or other gear with the insignia of any entity while wearing athletic gear or uniforms licensed by a postsecondary educational institution or otherwise competing in any athletic competition or institutionally sponsored event.Mississippi: Universities may impose reasonable limitations on the dates and time that a student-athlete may participate in endorsement, promotional, social media or other activities related to the license or use of the student-athletes name, image and likeness.Observations: The NCAA and its member institutions are in dire need of a sweeping federal bill that would preempt the state bills. Even from this quick glance at their differences, it’s clear that there will be recruiting advantages, compliance issues, and an overall headache for all stakeholders. It is likely that these state NIL bills will be effective for at least a few months prior to a Senate NIL bill getting passed.READ MORESenator Jerry Moran Says Federal NIL Law by July 1 UnlikelyArticle Date: 5/12Source: USA TodayAuthor: Steve BerkowitzRecap: Sen. Jerry Moran (R-Kan.) said that “it will be difficult … if not impossible” for a federal law pertaining to college athletes’ ability to make money from their names, images and likeness to be enacted before July 1.Moran is the author of one of three bills that have been introduced in this Congressional session, and he said he believes his measure offers the best vehicle for Republicans and Democrats to reach a compromise. “It’s become a much more important issue” than it had been a month or two ago, before Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama and New Mexico joined Florida and Nebraska in passing laws that could take effect July 1. “The timeliness of what’s happening across the country has now begun to dawn onto my colleagues,” Moran said. “And it’s one of the things about Congress: It takes usually some outside force, some event, to get faster action.”Today (5/12), the Louisiana state Senate’s Finance Committee unanimously sent to the chamber floor a measure that would take effect upon the governor’s signature. It still needs …