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    Disclaimer: Company descriptions and offerings have been provided by the founders of these businesses. Due to the novel nature of the NIL industry, it’s not yet possible to thoroughly verify these services. Furthermore, no questions were mandatory; allowing contributors to answer whichever they wanted to. This article is provided for informational purposes only, and NIL Network has no monetary affiliation or partnership with any of these companies. By Helen He, NIL Network Research AnalystNow that collegiate athletes are permitted to monetize their Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL), there are hundreds of NIL businesses helping athletes secure endorsements, appearances, and other NIL-related opportunities. Some have been working with professional athletes for years while others have launched recently with collegiate athletes in mind.While many of these companies seem similar at face value, they all have unique offerings and different visions for how to best help athletes. With that in mind and in line with the NIL Network goal of establishing a more transparent NIL industry, we met with seven companies that connect student-athletes with their fans and supporters to better understand their business model, foundations, and unique traits.A Brief Synopsis of the Contributing Businesses:Athletes.tv is a free, ad-supported video platform for athletes and sports video content. They are also launching AthletesNFT.com and AthletesMerch.com to complement our video platform and help athletes monetize their Name, Image, and Likeness.SheMate virtually connects women in college athletics with young people looking up to them. With SheMate, female college athletes meaningfully monetize their skills and experience while young people obtain customized, empowering content, and their parents and coaches receive strategies for better athletic development from the women who know the space best. VIDSIG is a platform that connects influencers with fans for “One-to-One Life-Changing Conversations”.Vantage Sports’ mission is to create income-earning opportunities for NCAA student-athletes while simultaneously giving youth and high school athletes access to instruction and mentorship by college athletes.OCP Sports was created to help diversify Overly Competitive Productions, LLC by expanding our services from content creation to marketing management for athletes. By using our knowledge and expertise in content creation and brand development, our mission is to provide the proper services needed to help aid athletes in building a community and social media presence.Replay’s tech + marketplace is leveraged by pro and college athletes to expand their reach while getting paid to give video feedback on sports clips sent to them by rising athletes.Infinite Reality (iR) is the gateway to the Metaverse and creator economy where creators and consumers engage live with digital content through interactive first-person social experiences. Infinite Reality’s mission is to support the creators, artists, innovators, and companies who will help build the Metaverse with the tools they need to do so and empower anyone with a phone or computer to create their own unique piece of the Metaverse. Jump to a Question What are three things you believe every athlete should think about before executing on a NIL deal?Athletes.tv LLCWhat is the fine print on this deal?Does this deal limit me on …