by michelle

There is a Challenge.

Athletes, coaches, and administrators are making NIL-related decisions with limited knowledge in a complex new market, leaving them vulnerable to manipulations.

  • PRESSURE TO PROVIDE: Almost 80% of the Power 5 conferences have already partnered with an NIL company.
  • UNCERTAIN RULES: It is unclear what the finalized legislation will look like or even who will be responsible for writing it.
  • STARTUPS GALORE: There are already over 130 companies launched across 10+ industries to serve the collegiate athletics market, and it’s growing.

In most decisions, data, case studies, and testimonials provide guidance. In a new market where these resources don’t yet exist, what navigates decisions?


NIL Network Provides a Solution.

NIL Network is a platform that delivers valuable content, guidance, and resources, to athletes, coaches, and administrators to guide NIL-related decisions in the new market surrounding collegiate athletes’ ability to monetize their Name, Image, and Likeness. 

Content: Hub of NIL News and Industry Research

NIL Network is the source for all the latest news surrounding NIL. Through the website, social media, and the podcast, NIL Network cuts through the noise and provides easy-to-understand information.

Understand the NIL trends through:

  • Relevant news articles
  • Data-driven industry development reports
  • Insights from NIL thought leaders
Guidance: Educational and Objective Advising (coming July 2021)

NIL Network provides consulting services and workshops to athletic departments, teams, and athletes on the developments of the NIL industry and the solutions available to them to meet their goals. 

Get in the #NILKnow:

  • History and forecasts for NIL legislation
  • Projections for different ways collegiate athletes may be permitted to monetize their NIL
  • Overview of NIL companies across the different industries
  • Guidelines for protecting their NIL from exploitation
  • Utilizing NIL to recruit prospects (legally!)
Resources: Data-driven Directory for Buying Decisions (coming December 2021)

NIL Network offers a digital ratings and reviews directory for Name, Image, and Likeness service providers. It is a data-driven field guide to buying decisions. It interviews real clients, collects data, and compares competitors to help administrators, teams, and athletes find a business that fulfills their objectives.

Confidently Make NIL Buying Decisions:

  • Read unbiased reviews conducted by NIL Network analysts
  • See how businesses and services compare in a specific field
  • Discover new service providers that fit your needs.

The Founder

My name is Michelle Meyer and my career over the past 15 years has been in volleyball, ranging from coaching at multiple top level D1 universities, running the high performance program for junior through collegiate athletes for USA Beach Volleyball, and co-founding a consulting company to assist various organizations on the growth and development of beach volleyball. Throughout my career in athletics, I've always strived to put the athletes first. While I’m so excited about the coming legislation and the ability for collegiate athletes to finally monetize their NIL, I worry that the changes are coming quickly and the education for current and future collegiate athletes, especially those in niche sports or competing for smaller universities, is lacking. My hope is that NIL Network can empower collegiate athletes to confidently control their Name, Image, and Likeness.