About NIL Network

by michelle

There is a Challenge.

Athletes, coaches, and administrators are making NIL-related decisions with limited knowledge in a complex new market, leaving them vulnerable to manipulations.

In most decisions, data, case studies, and testimonials provide guidance. In a new market where these resources don’t yet exist, what navigates decisions?

NIL Network Provides a Solution.

NIL Network is advocating for transparency, integrity, and collaboration from NIL companies in this developing industry.  

We are a platform that delivers valuable content, guidance, and resources to athletes, coaches, and administrators to guide NIL-related decisions in the new market surrounding collegiate athletes’ ability to monetize their Name, Image, and Likeness. 

Content: Building a Foundation of Understanding NIL

Recommended Reads: Updated regularly to share the latest NIL articles that will help you understand this industry. 

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Podcasts: Tune in to hear NIL Network founder, Michelle Meyer, discuss the various aspects of NIL.

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  • Meet the Founder Series: Understand the founders behind the NIL Companies and their mission, purpose, and goals for their business.
  • Review of University NIL Programs: What does “good” look like for an NIL program? What resources should a school offer to educate and empower athletes? Learn more when we review current NIL programs. 

Guidance: Providing Comprehensive and Objective Directories to Guide Buying and/or Partnership Decisions

Athlete Service Provider Directory: Search and filter through 200+ NIL companies across 10+ industries. Understand the services provided, who the founders are, and what the mission is of each company. 

Institutions & NIL Database: How have universities adapted to NIL? What services are they offering to help their athletes safely navigate this new era? This database gives a high-level view of how schools are navigating NIL and which companies they are partnering with.

Support College Athlete Businesses: Outside of product endorsements, NIL opens up a new world for college athletes to tap into their entrepreneurial side. Check out the athletes across the country who have started their own businesses.

Resources: Aggregation of Education and Deal Opportunities to Connect NIL Experts to Athletes and/or Admins

NIL Upcoming Events & Webinars: Find an educational opportunity (most are free!) from an NIL expert.

Coming Soon!
  • Educational Content by NIL Experts: Sharing informative articles from NIL experts in their specific industry. 
  • That’s My Opportunity: Aggregating partnerships deals from the digital marketplaces into one place so that athletes can easily sort through the various opportunities available to them.
Questions, comments, or want to learn more? Reach out at info@nilnetwork.com

Meet the Founder

Michelle Meyer
Michelle was raised in Santa Cruz, CA before attending and playing volleyball at UC Santa Barbara. She graduated in 2009 with a degree in Psychology and a double minor in Sport Management and Athletic Coaching. After a brief professional career in Denmark, Michelle coached the beach volleyball team at University of Hawaii. She then coached at Pepperdine for one year before running the Olympic pipeline program for USA Volleyball from 2015-2018. Michelle founded a beach volleyball consulting company prior to founding NIL Network in 2020.