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Alumni Pros Partners with Legends in Technology

by michelle
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Recap: Alumni Pros Global Sports, which helps athletes leverage their intellectual property values, has partnered with Legends in Technology, which provides resources and analytics around events. LIT’s platform tracks event purchases, evaluates the transactional income, and translates the analytics for use through affiliate revenue streams. LIT can oversee, and therefore strategize the monetization of, a fan’s total event experience. 

Observations: This partnership is another exciting opportunity for athletic departments and their athletes in the NIL era. The ability to put hard numbers and statistics behind an athlete’s brand will be paramount to getting fair offers from brands that are looking to get into the collegiate athlete space. 

 Alumni Pros Global Sports (“Alumni Pros”), which delivers monetization, optimization, and fair distribution of profits to help athletes leverage their intellectual property values, today announced its partnership with Legends in Technology (“LIT”), an end-to-end system for event management technology, to help colleges and universities facilitate athletes’ revenue generation through customizable and easy-to-use tech solutions.

LIT’s digital commerce platform tracks event purchases – everything from tickets to merchandise – and evaluates the transactional income for use through affiliate revenue streams. The ability to collect, measure, and monetize this data is revolutionary in the college sports economy, and together the companies will be a dynamic and creative resource for NCAA athletes to leverage fan exposure and interaction in order to better optimize their IP value.

“As we keep a close eye on developments around the NCAA’s decision to allow student athletes to monetize their name, image and likeness, the timing is optimal for us to act on the synergies between our two companies,” said Jerome Williams, founder of Alumni Pros. “This partnership will amplify our team’s ability to guide student athletes toward worthwhile IP opportunities by using hard data that follows the money spent by fans and event attendees.”


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