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    Coaching in the NIL Era: Recruiting

    Utilizing NIL to Optimize Your Recruiting Pitch Previously, I shared some questions from my webinars with the coaches of the American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA) and United Soccer Coaches around taking a leadership role. Another question that often comes up, albeit in a more private conversation, is how to utilize NIL for recruiting advantages. As a former D1 coach, I know that recruiting is ever-evolving and incredibly strategic. While there are still many unknowns on how NIL will influence the recruiting process, the coaches that can “talk NIL” with prospects will be at an advantage. Below are some tips and suggestions to put you in a position to confidently discuss NIL with your recruits: STATE LAW/INSTITUTIONAL POLICY: What does your state NIL bill say (if you have one)? What does your institutional policy say? (By the way, if I don’t have your school policy or NIL company partnership listed, please let me know!) Prospects may ask about the process for using the intellectual property of the school. They may want to know if they’re permitted to get a deal with a conflicting sponsor of your institution. Being able to answer these types of questions will build confidence in your recruits.  INSTITUTIONAL NIL RESOURCES: Is your school partnered with a third-party NIL company? What services do they offer? How do they help your athletes? If not, it’s not a deal-breaker: most institutions outside of the Power 5 have not invested in a third-party NIL company to guide and educate their athletes yet. What other opportunities does your school offer that athletes may utilize for NIL? Take a look at the course catalog to see any classes specific to entrepreneurship, social media marketing, and/or branding. LOCATION: Is your school located in a big city or a small town? There are advantages to both: In a big city, there are more businesses. In a small town, there is more excitement and buzz around college athletes. It’s still up in the air which location type will be most advantageous in the NIL era so it’s fair game to talk up your university’s location! We’ve already seen it a dozen times with football and basketball coaches over the past few months: Every university is set in a “prime NIL location”. FAN/ALUMNI BASE: I would absolutely recommend sending an email to your alumni base letting them know about NIL and that they can now work with your athletes. While you can’t negotiate the deals in any capacity (I’d also let them know that in your email!), you can educate them on the new opportunities. If you really want to give them some tangible guidance, you can include a link to this NIL Crowdfunding Platform where individuals can earmark donations for specific teams and positions in a future recruiting year (Disclaimer: This company has no association with myself or NIL Network; I just think this is an interesting concept).  CURRENT ATHLETE DEALS: How many of your athletes are already monetizing their NIL? How many are planning to monetize? In what ways are they …

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As NIL grows rapidly and enters 2024 as a billion dollar industry, more brands are jumping in and reaping the benefits of college athletes promoting their products or services. Unfortunately, there is a misconception that only the biggest and most popular athletes can deliver campaign results. Here, College Athlete Influencers explores why that’s not the case and how brands can maximize their ROI through college athlete influencers.

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