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    The Potential NIL Power of Sarah Fuller

    NIL NETWORK INSIGHTRecap: Sarah Fuller’s historical kickoff for Vanderbilt football caused quite a stir on the national level. With the attention of the media, the opportunities for Fuller to capitalize on her NIL may have been huge. Observations: This provides an interesting perspective on the potential ebb and flow of NIL opportunities. Athletes may be frequently approached by brands for “one-off” type deals following a stellar performance. There is a need for more education around these opportunities.Athlete Tips & Takeaways:Stay cognizant of these opportunities as we head into this new era. Even if you are unable to successfully negotiate a long term partnership with a brand, there may be a possibility of short term endorsements and one-off appearances. Sarah Fuller’s textbook squib-kick to start the second half of the Nov. 28 game between Vanderbilt and Mizzou could have been more than just a historic moment — if college athlete name, image, and likeness rules had already taken effect, Fuller might have completed one of the most lucrative kickoffs in college sports history. That’s because Fuller’s achievement “has captured the attention of the nation, and this does not exclude the brands, who in the world of NIL, would be scrambling this week to sign her to endorsement deals,” Dustin Maguire, the founder of NameImageLikeness.com, wrote to Front Office Sports.Fuller, the first woman to play in a Power 5 football game, is neither the first non-man to play football nor the first non-man to suit up for an FBS college football game. But Fuller’s kick, coupled with the usual significant attention awarded to Power 5 football and an explosion on social media, makes her a marquee example of a college athlete who would possess significant earning potential in the sponsorship and endorsement space. Right now, NCAA athletes are prohibited from profiting off the use of their NIL — but that’s set to change in 2021, when a Florida law legalizing the practice goes into effect and the NCAA plans to solidify its own NIL guidelines.When the rules change, one of the most highly anticipated ways in which athletes will be able to profit off their NIL is through presenting products and endorsements to large social media followings. READ MORE