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Commercial NIL Development

Develop a Sustainable NIL Market.

Increase NIL opportunities for your athletes.

Alleviate your collective's reliance on donations.

Get NIL on the right track at your school.

Review the current NIL landscape and understand why local NIL markets aren't developing on their own.

Ready to take action? We show you how to maximize the return on your efforts by utilizing a full-funnel marketing strategy.

The most time-consuming part of this initiative is creating the necessary assets. We've put in the hours to get you started quickly.

Donation-Funded NIL Strategy

NIL funded by an athletic department's donors was a quick fix to stay competitive but it's becoming increasingly clear that it isn't sustainable (or even a desirable model!) for most universities and their collectives.

The first two years of NIL have been
Coaches are frustrated.

Recruiting top talent and then retaining those athletes has become exponentially more complicated in the NIL+ transfer portal era.

Donors are confused.

They are being asked to donate additional money to an entity (or sometimes multiple!) that isn't associated with the university. Additionally, non-profit status and donation benefits are commonly unclear.

Administrators are overwhelmed.

Everything is constantly evolving and admins are tasked with appeasing coaches and maximizing their competitive advantage with staying within the blurry lines of what's permissible.

It's understandable why admins always ask us this:
"Is there even a real market for NIL?"
"Our athletes don't seem that interested."

There are only a handful of every university's athletes that are really trying to build their brand, develop their NIL strategy, and create brand partnership deals for themselves.

"Our NIL investments are barely being used."

Athletes aren't taking advantage of the university-provided NIL resources they have available and the marketplace platforms haven't had much activity going through them.

"Meaningful NIL deals are rare for our kids."

Outside of a school's high profile athletes, meaningful brand partnerships haven't happened that frequently. Local businesses have rarely initiated NIL campaigns.


We're confident commercial NIL markets can, and likely will, exist everywhere sooner or later.

But we're also confident that at this moment, 99% of the businesses that could benefit the most from NIL partnerships have no idea how to get started.

The benefits of NIL partnerships for local businesses are too great for them to stay on the sidelines forever. However, it's clear that they need support.

We think supporting them is time well spent. An active NIL market moves everything in the right direction:

Grows participation as more athletes get incoming deal opportunities.

Athletes start prioritizing NIL education now that they have a practical application for the information.

Traffic and activities increase in your NIL marketplace investment.

Your collective becomes less reliant on donation-based NIL.

NIL Network Founder Michelle Meyer Headshot

Brand partnerships with local businesses is where the majority of college athletes can deliver the most value from their NIL.

But business communities surrounding universities have been slow to adopt NIL marketing initiatives. Why? Well, it's a lot for them. The rules are confusing, and their worst fear is inadvertently costing a local athlete their eligibility. Additionally, they may have been previously priced out of sports marketing or never engaged in influencer marketing before - both of which require a thorough understanding of the "how" and "why" before even taking the first step.

Michelle Meyer
An active NIL market helps your
athletic department.
business community.
Benefits for the athletes
Benefits to Student-Athletes

Beyond the ability to earn compensation, NIL has many intangible personal and professional development opportunities.

Develop Professional Skills
Build Their Resume
Flexible Income Opportunity
Learn About Themselves
Grow Their Network
Connect With Community
Benefits for businesses
Benefits to Brands & Businesses

Brand partnerships with college athletes, especially at the local level, can result in a great ROI for the business.

Affordable Sports Marketing Opportunity
Enhance Brand Affinity
Access Highly Engaged Followers
Access a Hyper-Local Audience
Connect with a Young Demographic
Get in Front of College Sports Fans
Benefits for the university
Benefits to the University

The athletic department, coaches, and even the university can benefit from an active NIL market.

New Sponsorship Opportunities
More Ticket Sales
Access a Recruiting Advantage
Retain Your Athletes
Increase Brand Visibility
Enhance Brand Affinity
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This all makes sense... But what does this actually look like?
The Blueprint to Developing Your NIL Market
The Blueprint to Developing Your NIL Market
Step 1
Step 1: Increase NIL Awareness in Your Community

Objective: Get business owners and/or those in charge of a marketing budget interested enough in NIL to visit your NIL landing page.

Recommendations: Integrate NIL infographics into your department's outgoing communications, place NIL informational materials in highly trafficked locations, and/or run NIL promotions at games.


Step 2: Capture & Nurture Interest

Objective: Build a contact list of businesses that are interested in NIL to provide continued support and relevant NIL updates.

Recommendations: Develop a helpful resource, such as an NIL Playbook for Businesses, that brands can access in exchange for their contact information.


Step 3: Provide Live Education & Guidance

Objective: Get businesses to feel comfortable and confident with activating their first NIL campaign.

Recommendations: Host an NIL education event, either live or virtually, for your business community.


Step 4: Continued Access to Support

Objective: Keep your business community educated, engaged, and thinking about NIL.

Recommendations: Send out regular communications to your NIL business list with successful activation examples, rule/policy updates, and/or additional opportunities for them to get involved.

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We can help you get started.

Step 1: We design tailored & branded NIL assets, including 20+ digital NIL graphics, three informative handouts, and three game day promotions.

Step 2: We provide a 25+ page white-labeled NIL Playbook for Businesses.

Step 3: We host an educational event for your business community.

Step 4: We curate a bimonthly newsletter for brands and businesses and offer discounts to additional NIL Network services.

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Our founder has been exclusively studying NIL for three years, including spending a year at SDSU as one of the first full-time NIL admins. Prior to NIL, she coached volleyball at multiple D1s. Safe to say she knows a thing or two about NIL and college athletics.

Learn what other schools are doing

It's almost impossible to stay up on everything schools are (or aren't) doing when it comes to NIL, especially if it's not your full time job. Bring your questions around anything NIL and we'll do out best to get them answered for you!

Understand what you need

We know there's no "one size fits all" when it comes to college athletics and that's even more true when it comes to NIL. We'll discuss where you're currently at and make recommendations tailored to your unique situation.

No pressure to commit

While we're confident that our services go above and beyond, we know it might not be a good fit or the timing may not be right. And that's fine! We want you to do what makes the most sense for your school.

As NIL grows rapidly and enters 2024 as a billion dollar industry, more brands are jumping in and reaping the benefits of college athletes promoting their products or services. Unfortunately, there is a misconception that only the biggest and most popular athletes can deliver campaign results. Here, College Athlete Influencers explores why that’s not the case and how brands can maximize their ROI through college athlete influencers.

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