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How to Promote Authenticity on Social Media

by michelle
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By Krystal Faircloth, Matchpoint Connection

Resonating with your audience on social media is at the center of building the stability, success, and longevity of a brand. The moment a marketing message sounds forced or self-serving – like an advertisement – you can begin to lose your audience. According to data from SocialMediaToday, up to 90% of customers list authenticity as a principal factor they consider when deciding which brands to support online. In fact, leveraging the NIL of athletes and influencers in your marketing can be one of the most important strategies in making authentic connections on social media.

But how else can you be authentic on social media? Create a social strategy that consists of presenting a consistent brand voice, staying true to brand values, showing vulnerability, activating influencer marketing and encouraging user-generated content.

Establish and maintain a consistent brand voice

Influencer marketing has a similar basis as other, more traditional forms of marketing. In order to stand out, it’s important to determine what your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is. What do you offer that others do not? What are the values of your brand? Why should people follow you? Will they gain confidence, a feeling of beauty and acceptance, higher standards, perseverance, or something else?

Once you determine your USP, tell your story straight from the heart. Communicate with a consistent brand voice. Whether you’re sharing videos and images through TikTok or Instagram, or branching out onto other social media platforms, it’s important that people believe in you as a brand. Position yourself in a unique space and be consistent.

Show your vulnerability

Next, share the ups and downs of your story through social media. Reveal a human side to your brand. Tell others how you approached and overcame a challenge, (or failed to do so). When your followers get to know the brand personality, they can better relate and engage with your social content.

A pro tip is to reveal some “behind-the-scenes” action. Is your athletic practice sometimes less-than-perfect? Show the mistakes, bloopers, and mess-ups along with sharing your successes! Take advantage of broadcasting live events online and connecting with your crowd in real-time. This creates a story arc and allows your audience to soak in your effort.

Use your vulnerability to help your audience solve their problem and bring them value.

Foster user generated content (UGC)

Everyone knows good reviews can gain you more attention, but it may not be so obvious how important this really is. Studies have shown that word-of-mouth advertising is one of the most effective methods of spreading the word about your products, services, and brand.

UGC adds a great deal of authenticity to your platform. If hundreds or thousands of other people besides you say they love your product and share why, this loyalty will allow you to shine.

Keep in mind, however, that you want to avoid going for the “hard sell” too often. Mix it up. Authentic branding shows you also appreciate the entertainment and educational value you offer your audience. Build trust and engagement by sharing fun content, as well as the process and procedures you follow for success, and even your efforts outside your initial focus such as charity work.

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Meet the Expert Contributor

Krystal Faircloth is the Chief of Content at MatchPoint Connection. She is the former Creative Services Director at LSU and is one of Louisiana’s first influencers, growing her social media following to over 300k. She has collaborated with brands like P&G, Four Seasons, NetJets, Saks Fifth Avenue, David Yurman, and more.

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