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by michelle
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Succeed as a University's NIL Director.
Build an Innovative NIL Business.
Excel at a Company Focused on NIL.
Become an Asset in the NIL Industry.
Become a Leader in the NIL Era of College Sports.
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In the first session of the NIL Accelerator, we review how we got here, including an overview of what NIL is, what led to July 1, 2021, and the current events that have happened in the first two years that have shaped the emerging industry.

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We review the top 1%, development of collectives, and then dive into the NIL experience for the majority of college athletes, issues they're facing, and how to overcome them.

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From athletic departments to the industry, in this session we discuss the offerings and current leaders, emerging trends, and forecast future developments.

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In the final hour, we explore the experiences of all stakeholders in the NIL industry and how to best support them. We also discuss current issues, emerging trends, and opportunities to engage in the NIL space.

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Learn From a Balanced Industry Leader

An Experienced NIL Admin: As one of the first full-time NIL administrators in the country (at San Diego State), Michelle played a pivotal role in the development, launch, and management of SDSU's NIL Program. Her leadership and innovation were further demonstrated by her creation of an NIL admin monthly meeting and slack community, bringing together admins nationwide to discuss current issues and collaborate on solutions.

Established in the NIL Field: Now in it's 3rd year, Michelle founded and grew NIL Network into a go-to source for reliable NIL information and has built trusted relationships with hundreds of industry professionals through her work as a speaker, consultant, and author. She has established herself as a thought leader in the field and is highly knowledgeable about the challenges surrounding NIL and the unique pain points of each stakeholder.

Since 2020, Michelle has dedicated herself fully to the study and advancement of name, image and likeness.

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Chad Eichten
Performance Coach

As a performance coach, NIL has become a part of the expanding conversation in developing athletes. Knowing we continue to seek guidance, NIL Network provided this and much more. Understanding the terminology, how to build a process, what to be mindful of along the way in protecting your athlete, how to leverage NIL Network's platform, etc. These intangibles are essential, and I would encourage you to consider NIL Accelerator.

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Katie Holloway
Assistant Director of NIL Services, Stanford

I liked how Michelle used a combination of education and open time for people to ask questions and chime in where desired. It was a great use of my time as a NIL Administrator and felt like I gathered trends and concepts that I wasn't aware of before.

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Carri Martin
Founder, Elevate Athlete Group

Simply put, Michelle is amazing. She is extremely knowledgeable on all things NIL and is passionate about sharing that knowledge with others. In a landscape that is still new and evolving, Michelle is up to speed on everything NIL. Michelle has a special way of making you feel comfortable to ask questions so you can get the answers you need. Her willingness to share information and resources is just what this industry needs.

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Cale Anderson
Director of Baseball, YouthGold

Michelle is well informed and extremely organized and thorough when explaining the NIL. It was a pleasure to be part of the class. I hope to break into the NIL space and I believe this class led me in the right path.

No gimmicks, no bloat, just the educational tools necessary for you to get ahead in NIL.
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The Feedback Speaks For Itself

The NIL Accelerator launched in February 2023 and since then, we've received outstanding feedback from our participants.

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on the history, landscape, and current challenges.


to best support your network and/or clients.


to become a leader in the NIL era of collegiate athletics.