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Mission Statement:

Jaster Athlete Brand Assistant (JABA) is an interactive, AI-powered, assistant that helps you build an impactful brand while staying NIL-compliant.

Sample of B2B Partnerships:
  • University of Cincinnati
  • Alliance 412
  • Country Roads Trust
  • XFL Football

Jaster Athletes is at the forefront of the new era of athlete marketing in the digital age, empowering athletes to take control of their Name Image and Likeness (NIL) rights. Our agency provides brand coaching, creative resources, and innovative AI tools like Jaster Athlete brand Assistant (JABA), enabling student athletes to build their brands effectively and comply with NIL regulations.

Service Provider Differentiators

In House Creative Agency

CEO is the first personal Brand Coach in the NCAA

We work directly with collectives and schools to meet with athletes one on one to help them build their brands through the use of content.

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Founder(s)/CEO(s): Jordon Rooney
About the Founder(s)/CEO(s):

Jordon Rooney is the Founder/CEO of Jaster Athletes, a marketing agency tailored for athletes in the digital era. His clients include Damar Hamlin, co-owner of Jaster and a Buffalo Bills player. Jordon was named the first personal brand coach in the NCAA and has facilitated the first high school NIL deal in the country. He works with the NIL collectives of WVU, Pitt, and Cincinnati and aims to empower athletes through brand coaching and creative resources.

Year Founded: 2021
Percentage of Business that Is NIL Focused: 70
Number of B2B Partnerships in 2022: 7
2022 Types of B2Bs Served:
  • Universities/colleges
  • Agencies
  • Brands
2022 Most Common B2B Served: Universities/colleges
B2B Types Serving in 2023:
  • University
  • Collective
  • Agency
  • Brand
NIL Education Topics:
  • Brand Building
  • NIL Strategy Development
  • How to Source NIL Opportunities
  • Evaluating NIL Opportunities
  • Deciphering Contracts
  • Negotiating Terms
  • Understanding Policies/Laws
  • Financial Literacy
  • Filing Taxes
Certifications and/or Licenses:

Jordon Rooney - First Personal Brand Coach in the NCAA.