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Mission Statement:

Chain Wrestling is an independent athletic brand that celebrates the heart and the hustle of the everyday wrestler. Our mission is simple - to champion the everyday wrestler. We exist to cultivate the connections that bring out the best of our community.

Founded by student-athletes, Chain Wrestling is an independent athletic brand that champions the heart and hustle of the everyday wrestler. We are obsessed with crafting authentic, functional and fun products that celebrate wrestlers and bring out the best of our community.

Service Provider Differentiators

Help collegiate wrestlers build their brand and connect with fans via merchandise

Unrivaled customer service; we're an extension of each of our athletes and we take that very seriously

Custom design for each athlete and range of on-demand merchandise

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Founder(s)/CEO(s): Grant Stotts & Aden Reeves
About the Founder(s)/CEO(s):

Grant Stotts and Aden Reeves, co-owners of Chain Wrestling, are student-athletes and wrestlers at Iowa State University and Grand View University respectively. They are committed to helping fellow athletes, clubs and teams build their brand and grow the great sport of wrestling.

Year Founded: 2021
Percentage of Business that Is NIL Focused: 50
Representation Relationship: Non-exclusive
Platform Services Available:
  • Graphic Design
  • Coaching Opportunities (camps, private lessons, clinics, etc.)
  • Merchandise Hosting & Sales
  • Media Content Production
  • Brand Development
Digital Marketplace Business Model:
  • Percentage of Sales
Access to Platform:
  • Website
  • App
2022 College Athletes Completed Deals: 16

As NIL grows rapidly and enters 2024 as a billion dollar industry, more brands are jumping in and reaping the benefits of college athletes promoting their products or services. Unfortunately, there is a misconception that only the biggest and most popular athletes can deliver campaign results. Here, College Athlete Influencers explores why that’s not the case and how brands can maximize their ROI through college athlete influencers.

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