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Mission Statement:

We use data to show how an athlete’s performance on the field effects their exposure off of it.

Without a way to understand an athlete’s NIL value they can easily be taken advantage of and miss out on getting paid. With Kloutmachine, the kicker who makes the game winning field goal can be paid as much as the top quarterback based on the week.

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Founder(s)/CEO(s): Noah Weisblat & Somto Akaeze
About the Founder(s)/CEO(s):

Somto and Noah attended the Ohio State University. While there, they discovered the nearly religious fervor that college football held on campus. Somto graduated and started a parking company, learning how much fans were willing to spend to attend a football game. He then worked at Loop Returns, a Shopify return company servicing Kim Kardashian and other high profile clients. Noah left Ohio State to begin a career in private equity. In May of 2020, they started the joint venture of Kloutmachine.

Year Founded: 2020
Estimated Number of College Athletes in 2021: 501-600
2022 Services Offered:
  • Brand Building
  • Facilitate Brand Partnerships/Sponsorships
  • Business Formation Assistance
  • Career Development
  • Coaching Opportunities
  • Compliance Reporting/Disclosures
  • Content Production
  • Contract Vetting
  • Digital Strategy
  • Fan Engagement
  • Financial Management
  • Group Licensing
  • In Person Event Facilitation
  • iOS/Android Mobile App
  • Legal Support
  • Logo Creation
  • Mentorship Opportunities
  • Monetization Ideation + Strategy
  • NFT Creation
  • Public Relations/Crisis Management
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Social Media Management
  • Tax Guidance
2022 Other Services Offered:

Data showing the value of your NIL on a week by week basis in order to transact on.

2022 Cost for Athletes:

No fee for athletes, KM takes 10% of the deal.

2022 Cost for Brands:

KM takes 10% of the deal.

Top Brands Affiliated With:

StarStuded Dating