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Mission Statement:

We empower people to connect, create, and grow – one partnership at a time.

99% of athletes on MarketPryce who apply to at least 5 Campaigns on our website successfully connect with at least one brand partner. Meaning, no matter an athlete's sport or social media following, you have a 99% chance to connect with a business on MarketPryce. The opportunity is there, all you have to do is take it.

Service Provider Differentiators

1:1 hands on support with athletes and brands

We have the most active brand opportunities for college athletes available on our marketplace, leading to 8,000+ partnerships

Because of our 5% fee (competitors take 20%-30%), we allow athletes and brands to communicate off platform - our deals aren't restricted to monetary compensation, so athletes can create real relationships with brands on our platform.

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Founder(s)/CEO(s): Jason Bergman, Shehryar Khan
About the Founder(s)/CEO(s):

As a former sports agent, Jason has seen first hand how brand partnerships were reserved for the top 1% of athletes. Jason and MarketPryce are on a mission to democratize athlete marketing for all athletes.

Year Founded: 2021
Percentage of Business that Is NIL Focused: 90
Digital Marketplace Business Model:
  • Subscription - Athlete Pays
  • % of Deals - Brand Pays
Monthly Subscription Fee:

$8/month for student-athletes

Deal Fee: Percentage:

5% on top of any agreed upon Cash compensation.

Access to Platform:
  • Website
  • App
2022 College Athletes on Platform: 1,881
2022 College Athletes Completed Deals: 1,000
Top Brands Affiliated With:

COACH, Puma, Meta, Allbirds, GOAT Fuel, Dr. Squatch, Walmart, Coinbase, hims, Tiege Hanley

Athlete Support: Brand Contracts:
  • Review brand contracts for fairness/favor ability for the athlete.
  • Provide brands with your standard contract to use, but they may use their own.
Percentage of Deals with Cash Compensation: 45
Who Pitches Who for Deals:
  • Brands Can Pitch Athletes
  • Athletes Can Apply for Deals on a Job Board
  • Athletes Can Pitch Brands
Marketplace Job Board Applications:
  • Athlete Applies via One Click
  • Athlete Provides an Open Ended Response

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