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Mission Statement:

To shape the future of collegiate athletics through disruptive marketing campaigns built on strategic partnerships between athletes and businesses.

We proudly represent collegiate athletes of all levels making NIL deals possible whether you have 500 followers or 1 million followers. Our services keep the athlete at the center of it all with each athlete keeping 100% of their deal along with free legal and accounting services. Our focus is to partner with the athlete to become a one stop shop to capitalize on the growing NIL marketplace.

Service Provider Differentiators

Athletes Keep 100% of Their Deal

Partnership with Basepath for Streamlined Compliance and Free 1099 Tax Documentation

Content Creation & Personal Branding Assistance

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Founder(s)/CEO(s): Tanner Snyder & Tannor Bach
About the Founder(s)/CEO(s):

The Tanner & Tannor duo began in the Athletic Marketing department at Grand Canyon University. They worked closely with all of the D1 athletic teams on campus creating various marketing campaigns and contributing to game day operations. When NIL legislation passed, they knew they wanted to help athletes capitalize on this opportunity. They are deeply skilled in digital marketing, graphic design, & sales and will put those skills to work to provide you with the best NIL deals & campaigns.

Year Founded: 2022
Percentage of Business that Is NIL Focused: 100
Representation Relationship: Exclusive, but if an athlete gets an opportunity outside of our agency, no commission is taken
Agency Type: NIL Agency
Type of Clients Currently Representing:
  • Professional Athletes
  • Collegiate Athletes
  • High School Athletes
  • Non-athlete Individuals
  • Businesses, Brands, or Other Group Entities
State(s) of Their College Athlete Clients:
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Montana
Sports Their College Athletes Play:
  • Football
  • Men's Track & Field
Services Provided for College Athletes:
  • Graphic Design
  • NFT/Digital Collectible Minting, Hosting, & Sales
  • Merchandise Production, Hosting, & Sales
  • Managing Social Media Handles on Behalf of Clients
  • Contract Vetting
  • Media Content Production
  • Consulting on Financial Management
  • Consulting on Taxes
  • Public Relations/Crisis Management
  • Consulting on Career Development
  • Consulting on Brand Building
  • Consulting on Social Media Strategy
  • Consulting on Monetization Strategy
  • Tools to Analyze Social Media Strategy
  • Compliance Reporting/Disclosures on Behalf of Clients
  • Coaching Events Facilitation
  • In-person Events Facilitation
  • Business Formation Assistance
  • Facilitate Brand Partnerships/Sponsorships
  • Legal Support
Top Brands Affiliated With:

Ultra Ankle
Prodigy Fitness

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