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Mission Statement:

Our mission is to change how the world collaborates with athletes.

Sport Endorse helps athletes utilize their NIL potential. Start curating your brand and monetizing your talent by joining our diverse team of elite student-athletes, passionate about furthering their career and connecting with influential brands around the world.

Service Provider Differentiators

Truly global presence with brands and athletes from all over the world

Technology that works and that we improve every month by listening to athletes and brands

Our commitment to our values of integrity, transparency, inclusivity and relentlessness. People who work with us know where they stand all the time.

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Founder(s)/CEO(s): Trevor Twamley & Declan Bourke
About the Founder(s)/CEO(s):

Trevor has worked in commercial sales for 25+ years with over 13 years in sports television. He is a rainmaker. Declan has worked with technology for 25+ years, and has built 3 business successfully to-date, one in Japan and two in Ireland. Both Trevor and Declan have worked in the USA and together they founded Sport Endorse to change how the world collaborates with athletes. Sport Endorse brings NIL opportunities from local, national, and international brands to collegiate athletes.

Year Founded: 2012 or before
Percentage of Business that Is NIL Focused: 50
Digital Marketplace Business Model:
  • Subscription - Brand Pays
  • % of Deals - Athlete Pays
Monthly Subscription Fee:

A subscription for brands/companies/agencies costs $35 a month or $360 a year.

Deal Fee: Percentage:

$0-500 @ 12% commission
$500-2,000 @ 14% commission
$2,000+ @ 16% commission

Access to Platform:
  • Website
  • App
2022 College Athletes on Platform: 100
2022 College Athletes Completed Deals: 10
Top Brands Affiliated With:

Circle K
Mercedes Benz

Athlete Support: Brand Contracts:
  • Provide brands with your standard contract to use, but they may use their own.
Percentage of Deals with Cash Compensation: 60
Who Pitches Who for Deals:
  • Brands Can Pitch Athletes
  • Athletes Can Apply for Deals on a Job Board
Marketplace Job Board Applications:
  • Athlete Provides an Open Ended Response

As NIL grows rapidly and enters 2024 as a billion dollar industry, more brands are jumping in and reaping the benefits of college athletes promoting their products or services. Unfortunately, there is a misconception that only the biggest and most popular athletes can deliver campaign results. Here, College Athlete Influencers explores why that’s not the case and how brands can maximize their ROI through college athlete influencers.

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