NIL Network


A former collegiate athlete and D1 coach, Michelle brings a unique perspective to the developing NIL industry. She began studying NIL in the fall of 2019, founded NIL Network in November of 2020, and has been exclusively studying the evolving NIL space ever since. Michelle has consulted with over 100 NIL companies, numerous executives of varying associations, and dozens of athletic directors, coaches, and athletes.




From NIL Network Founder, Michelle Meyer: For the past 1.5 years that I've been exclusively researching NIL, I made a commitment to accept every meeting request that I received. In doing so, I have built a phenomenal network of incredible people in this new industry. However over the past few months, with public awareness of NIL growing (woohoo!) as well as me accepting the full-time NIL Coordinator role at SDSU, this commitment has gotten harder and harder to uphold. While I absolutely love discussing all things NIL, meeting new people, and educating everyone on NIL, I can no longer meet the ever-growing demand.. Instead, I'm launching a weekly "office hour" of sorts.. Anyone who has a questions about NIL can register for free, jump on the virtual call on Wednesday evenings, and stay for as long as the conversation is beneficial to them. Looking forward to seeing you there!