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Adapt & Thrive in the NIL Era.
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Although the NIL landscape continues to evolve, best practices for universities have become increasingly clear. The best part? Many of these solutions can be implemented without a significant budget. Now is the time to understand the trends and take action to support your athletes, coaches, and community.

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The NIL Virtual Expo is an opportunity for your athletes to be introduced to up to 10 NIL Verified service providers, on zoom, in under an hour.

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The NIL B2B Expo is an opportunity for administrators to learn about the different companies partnering with athletic departments to provide NIL services for their athletes.

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Work With a Balanced Industry Leader

An Experienced NIL Admin: As one of the first full-time NIL administrators in the country (at San Diego State), Michelle played a pivotal role in the development, launch, and management of SDSU's NIL Program. Her leadership and innovation were further demonstrated by her creation of an NIL admin monthly meeting and slack community, bringing together admins nationwide to discuss current issues and collaborate on solutions.

Established in the NIL Field: Now in it's 3rd year, Michelle founded and grew NIL Network into a go-to source for reliable NIL information and has built trusted relationships with hundreds of industry professionals through her work as a speaker, consultant, and author. She has established herself as a thought leader in the field and is highly knowledgeable about the challenges surrounding NIL and the unique pain points of each stakeholder.

Since 2020, Michelle has dedicated herself fully to the study and advancement of a transparent name, image and likeness ecosystem.

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Ben Chase
Director of NIL Strategy, University of Florida

Michelle is one of the most plugged in resources in the name, image, and likeness (NIL) industry. Her experience in-house with a university and it’s student-athletes, along with what she has built with NIL Network, makes her the most well-balanced industry leader, who takes pride in giving the best insight and perspective from all sides. If you are looking to build anything in the NIL world, having Michelle in your corner is a must.

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Kathy DeBoer
Executive Director, American Volleyball Coach Association

NIL has way too many moving parts for coaches to track on – state regulations, school requirements, legal issues. Michelle Meyer started studying NIL six months before it happened, and studying it from the perspective of female and male student-athletes in sports without mega-audiences and million-dollar TV deals. The help she is providing to our coaches is invaluable.

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Katie Holloway
Assistant Director of NIL Services, Stanford University

I liked how Michelle used a combination of education and open time for people to ask questions and chime in where desired. It was a great use of my time as a NIL Administrator and felt like I gathered trends and concepts that I wasn't aware of before.


NIL Network has been closely tracking NIL Program growth, trends, and emerging developments since March 2021. We host the industry-leading database and have developed the first NIL Program ratings. Want to know where your program stands? Get in touch.

Analysis of Nationwide Trends

In the first section of the report, we analyze your program vs the nationwide trends, your conference, and your other competitors.

Assessment of Inherent NIL Advantages

Beyond the resources provided by the department, we take a look at additional NIL advantages that your coaches can use in recruiting.

Identification of Opportunities to Improve

In this section, we benchmark your NIL Program against up to 20 resource trends and additional implementations that we've seen nationwide.

Recommendations of Achievable Targets

Finally, we go in depth on up to five recommendations while staying cognizant of your budget, time constraints, and your overall NIL strategy.

BONUS: Access to Templated Resources to Utilize in Supporting Your Athletes, Coaches, & Community
Host an NIL Virtual Expo
Support Your Athletes in Identifying
NIL Service Providers

Before being eligible to participate in an NIL Virtual Expo, service providers must fulfill the requirements of NIL Verified™, the first-to-market NIL business standard.

work with us to select the service providers.

Dependent on your current NIL Program offerings, we can work together to select what service providers would be most helpful for your athletes to learn about.

put your athletes in a position to make informed decisions.

After the expo, your athletes are in charge! They can decide who they'd like to move forward with or what platforms to create profiles on.

We provide support for great organizations.

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