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NIL Network Seminars at Coaching Conventions

Upcoming Webinars

BreakThrough Summit
Tuesday, December 14th 2021 • 11-4PM CST
BreakThrough Summit is a free, digital leadership summit designed to develop and celebrate women in sports. Tune in to hear from the top industry leaders in sports and network virtually with your peers. At Hudl, we don’t just “stick to sports”. Fighting against systemic racism, injustice and gender inequality is everyone’s responsibility, including ours. The work WeCOACH is doing to make sure the number of women in coaching increases is important and we're honored to partner with them for the BreakThrough Summit.
Keeping Everything We Love About Collegiate Sport While Fixing Its Failed Governance Structure
Tuesday, December 2nd 2021 • 2pM EST
The NCAA has been frozen with indecision since the June U.S. Supreme Court decision limiting its “amateur status” rules. Fearful of legal responsibility, the organization is pursuing a constitutional convention restructure that reeks of throwing its conference and institutional members under the litigation bus. Panelists discuss a blueprint for getting us back on track while retaining the special contributions of college sport to individual athlete development and the excitement and community it brings to the higher education campus.

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